Visual artist, painter, poet, author, theater maker, stage designer

Previous Artist Name: Q. G. Li (until 2017)

Born in Shanghai, 2002 Moved to Vienna

Lives and works in Vienna

Nationality: Austrian

Languages: English, German, Chinese


I have loved painting people for a long time, no matter whether they are men or women, old or young, past or alive. This is, because people are not only the most important element in our universe, but also the preferred theme of my art and passion. Life is always in motion. I prefer to show the dancing bodies on the canvases and simultaneously look for the similarities of the figures as well as the silence of the chaos. Because I am a poet too, the brushes and colors are only other tools to express my poetry, perspectives and sensuality. A face is often portrayed by me as a shadow or a dream, because I believe that our images exist, all of which are hovering between time and space.


Associated Senior High School of

Shanghai Fine Arts College




Shanghai Fine Arts College

Major: Environmental Design

(Bachelor degree)




Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Major: Stage Design

Class of Professor Erich Wonder

(Master degree)

Mag. Patrick Qiangang Li

Tel. +43 699 8118 1859